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Holiday –

All About Furano provides the comfortable self-contained accommodations like apartments, cottages, & chalets in Furano. Furano has various things to do in each season through the year, and our Furano local staff give you all the information & services for your vacation here from the time you arrive at Furano through to the time you leave with full of unforgettable memories. Check the selections of your accommodations in Furano on HotelFurano.com, and you will find your relaxing vacation place for your next holiday time with your family and friends.

Property –

Furano has two high seasons annually, beautiful lavender summer season, and amazing powder snow ski season.
Many international guests visit Furano for both seasons, and even some off-seasons for autumn leaves and some festivals.
Those seasons create your investment returns with the holiday visitors staying at your houses and apartments.
We manages your properties in Furano, and operates the accommodations for your investment.

Summer –

Lavender fields attract Asian visitors.
Furano has flower farms, sightseeing spots, and outdoor activities like cycling and river rafting also entertaining the summer visitors. The best lavender season is July to August, though Furano is filled with other flowers and amazing summer nature views all around the hills, the fields, the rivers, and the mountains. Have some information for making your summer vacation time in Furano!

Winter –
Powder Snow Ski

Furano Ski Resort has Kitanomine zone and Furano zone, connected at the middle. Ski season in Furano starts from late November and finishes early May. The most guaranteed powder snow period is Christmas to early March. You can expect amazing light & dried powder snow here in Furano for your skiing and snowboarding. Furano also is located at the perfect position surrounded by all those powder snow ski resorts & backcountry ski mountains, like Tokachidake, Asahidake, Kamui Ski Links, Sahoro, & Tomamu Resort. Get ready for your winter holiday time in Furano with beautiful powder snow world!

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